Online Course | Jan 9, 2021

Learn how to Integrate WellBeing and

Mindful Habits into your unique Lifestyle

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All-day long, we give out energy; to our work, family, friends, pets, and every little errand we add to our to-do list.

Since we can only give what we have, it's essential to fill our energy cup daily if we want to show up for the people and projects we care about.
If you're just hearing about me, my name is Sandra, and I'm a #dogmomAF for my Chihuahua, Monchi!
I grew up in Peru and now live in the US. When I was 15, I experienced my first panic attack, and since then, it's been challenging for me to cope with stress and anxiety. For this reason, I've dedicated the past ten years of my life to understand the triggers that prevented me from having a joyful and healthy life.
Through this process, I learned that things around me work out with more ease and joy when I feel good. That's why, today, integrating mindfulness and sustainable habits has become the core of my happiness and well-being; for myself and those I love.
As a 2021 gift, I want to invite you to join me (and Monchi :-) for a 90-minute group class. I'll share the best strategies that have helped me properly manage energy burnout and smoothly integrate my personal and work-life in a way that feels good.
This online class is only for those who are ready to be in charge of their 2021 experience. Half of the work will require consistent action on your part, and the other half will challenge you to believe in something greater than you. Only when we combine action and faith, magic happens!
The call will take place on Jan 9th, 2021, at 9 AM PSTRegister below to receive the link to join and further details.
Monchi and I look forward to meeting you!