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Have you ever woken up feeling tightness in your chest? Suddenly you start scrolling down your work email, and your body begins tensing to the point you can't remember if you are breathing or not. And all this is happening before you even brush your teeth and take your dog for a walk.

You manage to put out the fires at work, and now start rushing to get dressed and take your dog for a quick walk before heading to your office, perhaps skipping breakfast because there's simply not enough time.

If at any point this sounds familiar, then let me ask you. During the walk, is your dog pulling in all directions? Or are they barking at every soul that crosses their path? Do you feel more relaxed after the walk?

Would you agree if I tell you, the whole time you were feeling tense rushing through your morning to get things done, is the same type of energy your dog is picking up from you? And consequently, their behavioral reactions are just a reflection of your own behavioral and emotional patterns?

What if we create instead a script where you wake up feeling joyful, grateful and loved? What if the walks with your dog become a relaxing routine before heading to work? Would this be something worth exploring?

Your pet's behavior leads the way to a deeper understanding of yourself. They are here to help you, but it's up to you to follow the path and do the work.

My coaching is designed for people interested in their personal growth. And if you also happen to be a pet-parent, then your journey just became a lot more fun!

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Stay joyful and thrive!


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