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Hi! I'm Sandra, welcome to my site!

I come from Lima, Perú and since early childhood, I was fortunate to have dogs at home. However, it wasn't until I got Monchi that I truly learned what it meant to be a dog mom and see my dog as a reflection of myself.

Growing up in a German school in Lima, inspired me to travel, learn several languages, and appreciate different cultures. So after graduation, I moved to Germany to explore Europe.

I took this experience to start my professional career in travel and tourism. But eventually, when I moved to the US, I found a rewarding new career path bringing balance into executives' lives, supporting their business' visions.

Being a full-time dog mom and executive admin were the foundations for creating my life coaching business. Through the teachings of mindfulness and creating empowering habits I'm able to stay focused on the positive and find solutions to any challenges that come in my personal and work life. And this benefits everyone around me, starting with my dog! :-)

Interestingly, while building my online brand, I discovered a hidden passion for beauty and web design. Which now has become an enriching, and creative adventure.

If you like to learn more about my services and multifaceted life, I invite you to connect with me at


Stay joyful and thrive!


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