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Have you ever been at work and felt guilty for not having enough time to walk your dog that morning? You are trying your best but stress and daily responsibilities keep getting in the way of enjoying precious time with your fur baby?

If you are tired of letting stress take away your calmness and valuable time with your baby patitas at home, this workshop is for you!

My 6-step program will teach you how to create sustainable daily habits and strategies uniquely to your lifestyle so you can work smarter, make quicker decisions, feel focused and clear on next goals, and still have time to play with your pup.

You'll learn how to

  • Identify the habits that are already working for you and take them to the next level for optimized productivity

  • Create a lifestyle that supports your health and wellbeing

  • Discover your dog's purpose and how it pawsitively impacts your life

My experience has taught me that life is precious, and the greatest reward is enjoying it with the ones we love. So isn't it time you learned how to master your day, feel your best, and create the time for the joy you want once and for all?

This course includes


  • Six interactive videos

  • Supportive worksheets to help you along the journey

  • Email support by Sandra de MonchiPaw


What's inside this course

STEP 1 :  How To Feel Calm In Stressful Situations
Understand how your mind process stress and emotions. You'll learn the actions that align with your lifestyle to help you shift quicker from stress to calmness.
STEP 2 :  5-min Activities For Pawsitive Impact
Identify the activities that bring you joy and learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine in 5 min increments.
STEP 3 :  Energy Level Tracking For Optimized Productivity
Learn how to align your daily activities with your energy level so you can work smarter not harder.
STEP 4 :  Stacking Habits One Paw At A Time
Synchronize your daily routines with your dog to optimize the quality of time you spend together each day without the feeling of rush and overwhelm.
STEP 5 :  My Dog, My Soul
Every dog has a wonderful purpose in life. Identify why they came into your life and the journey you are meant to walk together.
STEP 6 :  Breathing And Appreciation For Lasting Success
Learn breathing techniques and meditation to find your balance at any given moment. You'll create a daily practice of appreciation to experience a next-level connection with your baby patita. One that lasts furever!

Who’s behind it?

Hola! My name is Sandra, best known as Monchi's mom. Ten years ago I used to struggle with daily stress and anxiety. Rushing through life's activities and feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my Chihuahua, Monchi, started to negatively impact my health and well-being.

Since then, I've learned and applied habits and strategies to create a balanced lifestyle that supported me and my baby patita. In 2016 Monchi and I founded MonchiPaw, and started sharing with other dog parents about the dream life we were able to create, coaching them through their own journeys of success.

After 15 years together, Monchi recently transitioned. As heartbreaking as this experience can be, I knew Monchi's purpose in life was to bring joy everywhere. She taught me how to dream, laugh, love and appreciate myself fully. I want to continue her legacy of joy sharing what I know with other dog moms and their fur babies. Because our time in this lifetime is precious, and we all deserve to enjoy it more with the dogs we love!

be joyful & thrive!

Sandra (& Monchi) 🐾❤️ 


Everything in this class is my favorite, the benefits are unlimited and I will recommend this class to all dog moms in the world. My life had changed so much the very next day after the workshop with Sandra.


We humans have so many frustrations and our pets are always at our side no matter what. It’s time to give them the love they deserve and at the same time find the balance we need to deal with all our struggles and frustrations. I will subscribe to this class over again and many others that are available through Sandra.

Jimena Hernández, Bea and Happy

What others experienced

What a wonderful journey was this MonchiPaw workshop. I learned about my weaknesses and strengths, my new goals and how I can balance my lifestyle with the company of my fur babies.


My dogs provide emotional support to me, I am very grateful to them for their help. I always knew that I needed to give them back but I never knew how I could give back.

In this workshop I learned so many tools to work with my dogs and make every day a wonderful experience for both of us. The exercises, the mantras and the new goals you create with the help of this workshop will make your life easier and fun.

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MonchiPaw, wellness para dog moms!


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