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I provide Life Coaching for People with Dogs.

Making Personal Growth a Paw Friendly Experience!


Hi, my name is Sandra, mostly known as Monchi's mom! Being a dog mom has taught me the greatest lessons a human can learn in life, and I want to share our story with you.
My journey with Monchi had a bumpy start, as she developed behavioral issues that impacted our activities at home and outdoors. Despite extensive dog training efforts, things didn't improve much.
When I understood the concept that my dog's eyes were just a mirror to my soul, my story with Monchi changed completely for the best.
Because when you see yourself through your dog's eyes and shift your internal stories -- your external world changes as well. And this is the greatest gift you and your dog can give to each other.





In a world filled with Gurus the greatest teacher of all is sitting right next to you and comes in the shape of a dog. 
If you're here, it's because you're a dog parent who's ready to bring more joy, fun and fulfillment into your life and the life of your best furriend. 
My coaching approach focuses on breaking old patterns that are interfering with your happiness and freedom. With the support of your dog, we'll create a whole new mindset to empower all areas of your life, especially the connection with your dog.
To start, I invite you to sign up and join our Mindful Pet Talks. I'd love to connect and learn more about you and your best furriend. This will help you get a better understanding of my coaching approach and see if we are a good fit.
My greatest joy is to bring dog parents awareness of the beautiful jewel of wisdom they have as a pet. The relationship we have with our dogs says a lot about our characters and the way we see the world.
Together we'll create a life with purpose, and make your dog happier in the process.


Hi, my name is Monchi and I'm a holistic Chihuahua blogger, sharing my journey of transformation which started when I was eight years young.
By sharing my paw story, I hope to guide furriends and their humans on their own journeys towards balance and happiness.
Follow my paw-ventures and join my tribe!


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Sandra’s pet-friendly Vision Board class has helped me to realize the importance of allocating time to listen not just my mind but also my heart, and ask to myself which kind of relationship do I want to have with my dog and what am I doing for it?
I loved the tips I got from her, now instead of getting frustrated because my dog doesn’t listen to me when I call him; I breathe, relax, and bring the nice moments I’ve lived with Baloo to my mind and then - with this new level of energy - I try it again.
Picturing and feeling every situation I want to experience with my dog has helped me to start believing in it. Now, I am sure that all that I can imagine and have pictured on my Vision Board, if I do believe in it, will become real.
Everyone that has a pet should try this. I wouldn’t say that this is only for people having issues to understand their 4-legged friend, but to everyone who would like to have a closer relationship with their pet and start living new experiences and adventures!
Thanks Sandra!!

Fio & Baloo











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You'll also receive our monthly Monchi's Blog plus weekly updates on how-to-create a life that you and your dog love.
If you have questions (or friendly notes) about my coaching, email me at sandra@monchipaw.com


With every coaching session you book through MonchiPaw, you're also supporting a shelter animal in need. 
Because I believe that every dog has a matching human soul to love. It's my mission to advocate for all the great benefits of welcoming a dog into our lives.
Thank you for joining our mission!

Sandra & Monchi