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Bachelor Paradise Gone Real

Hey furriends! Have you ever done something that you enjoyed so much yet felt too embarrassed to admit it publicly? No worries, you are not alone! Lucky for you, my blog is a “No Judgement Zone”

so feel free to share your puppy secrets in the comments section below :)

And since we’re on this topic, I’ll sheepishly admit that Mom and I are “The Bachelor” fanatics. Yup, even an inspirational Chihuahua like myself needs a break from self-improvement books and videos once in awhile.

Who doesn’t want to fall in love in “Paradise”? Love seems so easy when all you have to do is look pretty and have fun, right? It’s easy to accomplish things in an idyllic environment away from the noise of reality. So the contestants fall in love and the show has a happy ending. Pawsome right?

Well, not for everyone. After watching this show many times (who’s counting?), I found out that after the “Final Rose,” a majority of the engaged couples end up breaking up. I couldn’t wrap my head around this phenomenon until Mom and I lived through a similar situation in the past few months.

You see, when Mom started MonchiPaw, she had no idea what to expect. She left her corporate job to follow her passion of helping dogs with behavioral anxiety and creating a holistic program based on my own journey of transformation.

She surrounded herself with great inspirational leaders who encouraged her take the first step. She took on the challenge and luckily had savings that enabled her to enjoy a nice living while pursuing this dream. This is what I call our “Paradise Time.” We didn’t change our lifestyle much, and in fact, it improved. I loved spending more time with Mom. We exercised and trained every day. We had our own perfect place, and enjoyed a very comfortable life, which benefited my mom tremendously because during this time she was able to create positive habits and routines for us both. She practiced daily exercise and meditation techniques which facilitated a creative and peaceful state of mind. And who doesn’t want that? Facing problems at that time became easier because of Mom’s daily practices.

We even moved to Los Angeles to continue our journey and gain new experiences. But time went by and Mom had to face the harsh reality that building a profitable business takes more time than expected.

I guess in a way Los Angeles was our “Final Rose” because after a few months we moved back to San Francisco and decided to stay at Grandma’s home.

At the beginning, Mom saw this as a step backwards as she didn’t have a very good relationship with Grandma. In fact, Mom moved away from her parents’ home at an early age and had lived on her own since then. So moving back in with her mom was not really what she had in mind for us.

But the Universe has a funny way of working in your favor. Since moving in with Grandma, their relationship has become stronger and she has learned a lot about herself and her own family. In fact, these lessons have proven extremely valuable to her own coaching business. As for me, I couldn’t be happier. I love being spoiled by Grandma and having extra company at home.

The tricky part that mom is learning and figuring out right now is how to stay focused in the present when reality hits home. Luckily she has me to remind her every day what really matters. Because in the end “Paradise” might be gone, but we have each other and a whole lotta love to keep us enjoying every present moment of our lives. And that, my furriends, is the formula for happiness and success.

Love & Paws,


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