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I’m Senior, not Broken

Yup, I’m a senior dog and I love it! At 11 years young, I’m a wise dog that has become the best version of myself. I enjoy taking my time to smell the stinky corners of the streets and the grass in the dog park. My food is conveniently softer, which makes it easier to chew, and I can still enjoy the occasional teenie Greenies and crunchy carrots as treats. Also because I’m an older and calmer dog now, I get SO much more attention from people.

Thanks to my daily exercise and balanced diet, I can still pass as a puppy and every now and then I still like to chase after cats and squirrels. So I save my energy for those fun moments.

I’ve noticed that it has become easier for mom as well. All the work she has put into training us helps as well, but no longer needing to stress about me peeing and pooping inside the house, on her bed or the carpet goes a long way too. I admit it, I used to be a troublesome puppy. Not only would I step on my poop and then jump on my mom’s bed, but I also used to cry all day long when mom was away. Our neighbors at the time were not big fans, but we all survived somehow. Hey, no judgements, I was just a puppy after all :)

I know, puppies are adorable and very often I hear how people get very excited about the idea of adopting one, which is great. But if you are considering adopting and are not sure what type of dog you want, I suggest you take a look at your daily activities and the time you spend at home. Every dog needs love,