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Confessions of a Rehab'd Chihuahua

Hi, I'm Monchi from MonchiPaw!

Hi! My name is Monchi, and yes, at 10 years young, I'm a rehabilitated chihuahua. By looking through my Instagram profile @MonchiPaw you might not believe it, but the truth is that over the course of my first 8 years of life, I developed all sorts of behavioral issues that led to many problems for myself and my mom. When I was a puppy, I was very shy, and all of the other dogs at the park intimidated me. After all, I was only a little chihuahua! My mom had the best of intentions and was always trying to help me, picking me up from the ground and protecting me from anyone or anything that could potentially cause me harm. Looking back I see that she used to worry way too much. I don’t blame her as some dogs can look and sound scary.

Monchi at 8 weeks young - MonchiPaw

Luckily, at home I was safe and spent a lot of time playing and cuddling with my mom.

Life was so much easier and a lot more fun at home.

As years went by, and I continued to grow in my loving but sheltered environment, I really didn’t want to play with other dogs. In fact, I would bark and growl at anyone who would come close to me or my mom. Sadly, my behavior gave me a bad rep and led to people calling me ugly names and referring to me as the vicious chihuahua in the hood. Nobody wanted to hang out with me, and I had no furriends.