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Lessons from the Solar & Lunar Eclipse

Solar & Lunar Eclipse Ready

Hi pawsome furriends! Did you miss me? :)

August is turning to be a super-duper special month and I couldn’t wait any longer to share my paw-experience with all of you.

As many of you know, the beginning of this year started with a huge change in our environment, when Mom and I decided to sell all our material things and move to Los Angeles. We didn’t have a plan. All we knew is that we needed an energetic shift and sunny weather.

This was for sure a risky move, filled with unknown answers and mixed emotions, but somehow it felt right. After a couple of months we found ourselves back in San Francisco building a whole new life for both of us. And this is pretty much the motto Mom has had the entire year. She has taken continuous action based entirely on her intuitive feeling.

Was it easy? Of course not! Looking back, we would never have done something like this. Mom always used to have a plan A, B and even C. And her tendency was to move safely through life. It wasn’t until she started working with her life coach six years ago that her perception of life changed and her transformation began.

You might think this took a lot of time, at least Mom used to think so. She would get so impatient whenever she didn’t see immediate results. And many times she doubted the system and herself which in turn created more resistance and not so positive experiences for us.

Now, coming back to this week, unless you live under a rock, you might have heard or seen the Solar & Lunar Eclipse this past Monday. Wasn’t it amazing?

As usual, Mom and I got up early that morning. After going through our habitual routine, we started driving up north, toward the East Bay looking for the sun. Mom knew San Francisco was going to be cloudy, so we planned to head to Berkeley. As we crossed the bridge the sky looked cloudier than ever, so Mom kept on driving but the weather didn’t seem to improve. She couldn’t believe it. All the previous days were sunny but on Eclipse day the sky decided to fill up with clouds. Since we were already driving north-east towards where Grandma lives, Mom texted her to check the weather conditions. Her response “Cloudy!”.

It was impossible to not be disappointed, but as soon as Mom started to become frustrated, she stopped herself and asked the Universe for guidance. She chose to let go of the tension that this situation was bringing her, and instead decided to drive wherever the Universe was leading us.

Apparently this was all she needed to do, because as soon as her energy shifted, she saw the light coming from the eastern side of the freeway. As this was happening, the road in front of us was turning into two different freeways, one up north to Napa and the other one east toward Brentwood. She had about five seconds to make a decision - her mind said go up north to Napa, but her intuition said follow the light and turn right to Brentwood!! Looking back, it sounds So obvious, but in that instant, it can be a very overwhelming decision to take.

Luckily, she followed her intuition and we ended up in a sunny town called Antioch. 46 miles away from home.

Sun shining bright

So, we are here, it’s sunny but Mom didn’t see anything different about the sun as it was shining bright as usual. “Oh well, we are here so let’s see what this is all about” she said. She pulled out her Eclipse glasses and looked up at the sky. As she did this, I heard the excitement in her voice and saw some tears rolling down her face as she observed the moon clearly making her way through the beautiful shining sun. She couldn’t believe how happy she felt to be able to experience this Universal miracle.

She felt so grateful for the whole experience that morning. Just like in her life, she needed those six years to go through the clouds in her mind and heart. Those clouds looked scary, disappointing and made her very impatient. But she kept doing her internal work, even though it was not seen in the physical world, she trusted the system. Because growth and success are not necessarily seen by the hooman eye. Just like looking at the sun, you need special glasses to see the beauty that is taking place.

Choose Faith & Love!

So my furriends, don’t let your hoomans become impatient if their goals aren’t met just yet. Every transformation and success in life takes time and it moves from the inside out!

Choosing love, faith and taking continuous action steps is what makes the difference, whether they can see it or not.

Love & Paws,


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