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An Unexpected Trade-Off of Hearts


Hi furriends, I hope you’ve had a blessed beginning to your year and that you continue to take puppy steps towards your desired 2018 goals. January has sure been a transformational month for us, forcing Mom and I to take a very necessary break in order to step back, observe and heal.

If you've been following my Instagram stories and blog posts, you already know that 2017 marked a year of external changes and growth for us. Between moving to Los Angeles and then back to

San Francisco, and many other changes in our physical space, our journey has not been easy, but somehow Mom made it fun. It only takes a little bit of effort to adjust the lenses you choose in life so as to see the good that is all around us.

December of last year was the best month for us. We finally achieved a healthy life balance -- Mom and I made very good friends (pups and hoomans), we had a steady routine for my daily walks, and Mom had new clients to coach and inspire.


On top of this, Mom signed up for Latin Ballroom classes to sharpen her dancing skills. This quickly turned into a pawsome experience. Not only was it fun to see Mom dancing again, but we became part of a dancing family that welc