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A Year of Soul Contracts


2018 has gone by, but sometimes it feels as it was yesterday when Mom received the devastating news that grandpa transitioned from his human body back to spirit.

Since that day life, as we knew it, will never be the same again.

As previously shared in my blog post “An Unexpected Trade-Off of Hearts,” two weeks after grandpa’s passing, Mom and I met a soulful friend who very quickly won our hearts. He showed up into our lives as one can say, in the right place, and at the right time.

The next six months, Mom learned to dance in the midst of a storm where grief and joy battled against each other. How could she be happy, and at the same time feel so lost?

For some of you, this might not make any sense, but in many ways, Mom felt as grandpa sent us that new person, to console and support us as we got stronger. And just like anything grandpa did, he picked the very best one for the role. A spiritual teacher whose purpose in life is to help others get closer to love. I’m not kidding. Not only he was a sensitive soul, but he taught mom how to get to the next level in her self-love journey. The fact that he’s German and vegetarian didn’t hurt at all either since Mom grew up in a German school and became vegetarian ten years ago. Oh, and did you know the only reason Mom studied German was because her dad wanted it so? Interesting right? :-)

During the six months they were together, they enjoyed exchanging rich knowledge about their spiritual journeys. And very quickly they realized that in many ways they mirrored each other. They started having dreams and a powerful mental connection. Everything she thought and felt reflected immediately in her boyfriend’s actions and vice versa. This was the first time Mom experienced anything of this nature with another human. Up to this point, Mom used to think that the only one who mirrored her was me! How can it be that another person can be so in sync with her thoughts and feelings? In fact, from the very beginning, it felt as they already knew each other.

However, life doesn't always give us what we want, but it gives us what we need. So as Mom started to become happier and stronger, sadly, these two souls began to crash. Even though both of them tried very hard to make their relationship work, in many ways, it felt as if a stronger force suddenly started to pull them apart.

Mom was heartbroken when their relationship ended, but she understood that this relationship came to her life to support and prepare her as she continued her journey to love.

The connection with this man was so strong that forced Mom to face every single one of her shadows — those behavioral patterns that link all humans to their childhood. Facing these patterns, simultaneously forced her to heal her relationship with her father.

One by one, she started knocking down all those limited patterns; frustration, anger, limitations, judgments, guilt, shame, not feeling good enough, not feeling loved enough or understood enough, you name it. Concurrently, she started to embrace forgiveness and love toward herself and everyone else that ever did her wrong. As you can imagine, this sort of internal, soul level work impacted me as well. We dogs feel every single emotion our pawrents feel. So it was important for Mom to make sure I got plenty of time outdoors, to stay grounded, nurturing my body with yummy food, massage, and healing sessions, not to mention I’ve been part of every meditation Mom practiced.

Now with the storm behind us, Mom was able to recognize all the blessings this person brought into her life, primarily to heal the wounds that linked her to her dad. In many ways, it feels as they had a soul contract, where they were meant to support each other during a significant transition in their lives.

The truth is that every soul that crosses your path is meant to offer you a gift or a lesson to support your self-love journey. It’s up to you if you take it or leave it. But only very few souls will have an exclusive contract with you, where they are meant to cross your life in an impactful way. And I believe us, dogs, are one of those souls that seek our human companions to help them in their journeys of transformation. You might think you chose us, but the truth is that we already had a pact where we agreed to support you as you get closer to love.

Most important takeaways from 2018

  • Don’t expect for a person, job or situation to make you happy. Happiness starts from within you. Learn to feel happy with yourself and the rest will follow.

  • Embrace the pain and stormy times as they hold a big lesson that you need to learn to take the next step in your life journey.

  • Forgive quickly and love everyone, starting with yourself. See everyone for the gifts they hold, cherish them for that and forget the rest. They aren't perfect, and you aren’t either. The more you do this, the more they'll also see you, accept you and cherish you for your gifts and talents.

Lastly, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our furriends that continuously support me, Mom and MonchiPaw, especially this year.


We feel so grateful for grandpa Vicente, who we love and miss a lot!


Embrace your New Year 2019 furriends! Believe in miracles and stay true to your heart.

Love & Paws,



To honor this year Mom and I made a video on our YouTube Channel called: "2018 Reflections of a Dog Mom!" Enjoy :-)

2018 Reflections of a Dog Mom! Watch on our YouTube Channel

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