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How to Stay in Love when Shadows Arise

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Hi furriends,

Have you ever been in love? If yes, then you know that after the honeymoon phase, more frequent hiccups start to happen. Suddenly the “Oh so perfect one!” you thought, is not so perfect any more.. Right?

Well, in our dog world, it’s pretty simple.. just stay present and enjoy the moment. But since this Blog is intended for hoomans, let’s analyze this further, shall we? ;-)

Let’s say you are on the lookout for a puppy: Suddenly, everywhere you look, there are pawrents with their dogs approaching you, seeking your love and attention. “Dogs love me”, you say. “I should definitely have a dog”, you convince yourself. Especially when you start imagining all the fun adventures you will experience together and all the cuddles and joy it’ll bring into your life. The more you think about it, the more in love you fall with the idea of bringing a pup to your home.