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Fetch! But first, Let Go!


Hi furriends,

Hope you and your pawrents are experiencing a beautiful shift of fresh energy with the start of the New Year.

It turns out last month became a self-care time for Mom and me. Initially, Mom had all the intentions to start 2019 ready to put into motion many ideas she’s been working on.

But it’s funny how our pawrents plans can go off the window when the Universe has a better path for all of us. And sometimes that means letting go of all expectations to allow the blessings to flow in our direction.

So this is the topic that I’d like to share with all of you in this blog post, which is based on my experiences with Mom through our journey towards love and personal growth.

Every morning after Mom finishes her at-home Yoga practice, I join her for some Doga stretches of my own, and then I bring her my favorite green ball to play. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, as I love to play fetch.

Mom and I use this time to connect, train and have fun. She even uses commands that align more with our mindful approach. For example, when she throws the ball she yells “Focus,” and when she wants me to drop the ball, she says “Let Go.” I’ve become very familiar with these words, and I’m usually very good at letting go of the ball. But for some reason the other day, I felt a bit mischievous, and I challenged mom to a playful tug-of-war with the ball. Mom accepted the challenge and pretended to pull the ball from my mouth. She knows once in a while I enjoy this tug-of-war games but she’s also very mindful of my teeth, so actually, she never pulls strongly enough and always lets me win.