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Even the Car needed a Mini Break

Have you ever chased your tail so fast that you lost control and bumped into something? How about the zoomies? Oh yeah, sometimes I even get the crazy runs which usually end with me lying flat on the ground :)

Well, mom may not have a tail to chase but I could tell that she was in a frenzy. She got to a point where there was so much on her plate that she lost focus, and when that happens, the crazy “zoomies” start happening too.

To tell you exactly how mom got the zoomies, let’s go back to our story from my last blog post... wait, you haven't read it yet? What are you waiting for? I suggest you read it first to understand what’s coming next.

As it turned out, Sunday night was not the best day to have car troubles as reaching out to car repair shops was pointless. Also, being new in town, we didn’t really know where to take the Mini in the first place. On top of all of this, I was getting hungry and moody.

I didn’t want to add to the stress but it was getting very late and this was my way of letting mom know that it was time to find a new alternative and get some rest.

Luckily, mom is getting better at understanding my energy signals, so she decided to call a Lyft to take us to the Airbnb where we were staying and focus on figuring out a plan for our car situation the following day.

Once inside the Lyft, mom took three deep breaths, held me tight and told me that everything will be okay. Then she smiled and said: “It looks like the Mini will have a sleepover tonight. Even cars need a break”. We were hungry and tired but our energy remained positive. What happened next was totally unexpected.

As soon as we arrived at our Airbnb, our host approached us and told my mom that she was waiting for us because she was hosting a party inside her house and we were invited. After hearing about our not so pawsome day, she immediately warmed up some food for mom and even baked some sweet potatoes for me :) Yes, I love sweet potatoes!

We had a great time with our host’s family and friends, and finally everything felt right.

The next morning, mom reached out to multiple mechanics and towing companies, but none of them offered the best solution. On top of that, it was going to cost too much $$$ and time.

Just as mom started to get anxious, she received a message from her mentor telling her that he was back in town if she needed to chat. She must have called for him with her mind because after talking to him, she knew exactly what to do. She got back on the phone, signed up with AAA, and got someone to come over promptly to the Jamba Juice parking lot where the Mini was parked. Our Mini was fixed! All of this in under 30 minutes and for a lot less $$. Isn’t that amazing?

Maybe for some this situation might seem so obvious and easy to handle. But for my mom, this was her first time in such a situation. She recognized that the circumstances around her were out of her control, so she kept on working on what she knows best -- her energy levels. The more positive thoughts she brought to her mind and the more calm she remained, the easier it got for us to get everything resolved.

Next is to have faith that everything will be alright! After all, it’s the journey that makes life more interesting.

Love & Paws,


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