Howloween or Furrytale?


Happy Howloween furriends! Finally, the day has arrived when we can wear costumes and get tons of treats by our hoomans simply by looking adorably cute. Wait, who am I kidding, we don’t need Howloween for this, every day we get spoiled with treats and compliments. And be honest, how many times this year have you already participated at a pet costume contest? :-)

Yes, life as a dog can be pretty pawsome!

But what happens when your pup doesn’t feel comfortable around other people or dogs? This blog is dedicated to my furriends that due to their behavior might not be experiencing all the fun most dog parents would like to enjoy with them.

I used to be one of those pups. I was so shy and nervous that Mom couldn't bring me to pet events because it would make me feel very uncomfortable and my barking would alarm everypawdy. In fact, I couldn’t even walk at regular “dog walk” hours. Mom used to walk me at 5AM and 10PM when most people were indoors so I could enjoy my walk without getting aggravated by the presence of other dogs, people, bikes, kids, squirrels, you get the image?

If you are experiencing anything familiar like this, ask your hooman to answer the following question: "Where are your Thoughts when you are with your Dog?"

If your hooman’s mind is focused on a Howloween movie where you are about to be eaten by zombies dogs, how would that make you feel? And how would you translate this feeling in your external world?

If this is the movie your pawrents are playing in their mind on repeat, then it's time to ask them to change the channel and start seeing you as the star of a pawsome furrytale instead. Wouldn’t that be more joyful and fun to watch?

When Mom made the decision to change the movie in her mind and start focusing on the experiences she wanted to create with me vs. the ones she didn’t, this was the moment, our training process began to improve.

Give it a try and share with us your favorite furrytale story.

Love & Paws,


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