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Building a Pack that Fits You

Monchi & furriends

Last month while Mom was hosting our Yappy Hour in the dog park, she noticed an unfamiliar Greyhound sitting right in the middle of our group. He had grey hair and looked very comfortable among us senior dogs, but nobody knew whom he belonged to. After Mom asked around for the owner with no luck, she looked further and discovered a group of Greyhounds at the other side of the park. She approached the group and asked if anyone was missing their dog. This is how she found the owner, who told her that he noticed that his 11 year old dog found his way to my senior dog pawty, making himself right at home.

Mom was amazed to see this. The Greyhound didn’t seem to care for the treats we were sharing, he just laid there next to the other dogs in such a joyful manner, enjoying the space created for us senior dogs. This was to her a clear sign of how energy works, and evidence of how we tend to gravitate towards dogs or people that share similar levels of energy.

Mom started organizing Senior Dog Yappy Hours a couple of months ago with the intent to improve my socialization skills. She’d noticed that the majority of dogs we interacted with at dog parks are highly active and like to tease me, provoking me to chase after them. This interaction can be fun sometimes, but since my energy levels are more on the calmer side, I naturally feel more comfortable hanging out with other dogs that share similar energy levels. And since Mom loves organizing pawtys, this quickly became a fun monthly event for us.

Going back to how energy plays an important role when building your pack of furriends, have you ever been at a place where the energy is fun and vibrant, which in turn makes you feel instantly happy and cheerful? I think this is the reason Mom loves life-coaching seminars, because everyone there is happy and dancing.

On the flip side, have you ever felt that your energy immediately shifts to a more anxious, sad or angry level when feeling stuck inside a crowded train, bus or airplane that suddenly stops moving and people start getting frustrated?

Find the pack that fits your energy

Energy is very contagious. In a matter of seconds it can elevate your spirit or bring you down. Just like a hyper excited pack of dogs can stress out a calm dog, a pack of calm dogs has the power to relieve tension and help relax an anxious puppy. For hoomans it works the same way, which is why it’s so important for all of us to associate with furriends that elevate our spirits.

I believe it’s ok to experience different emotions, but having your own pack of furriends that share a good energy is vital for our happy successes in life.

Why choose to walk in the middle of a rowdy pack of dogs, when I can choose another path and find my own pack? Mom and I have learned that it’s okay to be selective with the furriends we make, because we know now how important it is to surround ourselves with the right type of energy.

Find your Pack

Choose to gravitate towards life and joy! Whether you like rolling in the mud, swimming in the ocean, sun bathing or wrestling with other pups, what’s most important is finding a pack that makes you feel good. And if that pack doesn’t exist, create your own and make it fun!

Love & Paws,


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