To my Furriends, my Tribe, my Pack!!

Feeling grateful to have you in my life!

Hi furriends, can you believe it’s been a year since I started writing my Blog? Time definitely flies when you’re having fun!

For the last seven months, Mom and I have had the most amazing time hosting our two monthly Meetups in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

We’ve not only met pawsome furriends and their pawrents, but we’ve also had the honor of collaborating with local pet friendly businesses that have sponsored our events.

One of my Meetups is called Senior Dogs Yappy Hour. Mom created this group to bring together other senior dogs, like me, who share a similar energy level. This group has helped me to become more social by interacting with other dogs in a calm environment.

(Click on slideshow below for more photos)

My second Meetup is called Dog Issues? Get Social!. This event is the one that keeps me on my toes, or better said on my paws! :)

This leash-walk along the beach is intended for all dogs, regardless of size and age, that need to improve their leash reactivity, social behavior with other dogs and walking skills. Pretty much every single issue I used to experience years ago. Luckily when Mom started to mindfully train me, she discovered the power of walking as a pack while maintaining a calm energy.

So, thanks to this walk, I get to meet other furriends that just like me, aren’t perfect. But luckily, they have loving and dedicated pawrents to help them get better and social.

(Click on slideshow below for more photos)

To all of you (dogs and hoomans) I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Your presence has made a positive impact in my life. Mom and I feel very grateful to have met these pawmazing group of souls that dedicate their time to get together, share about dog stuff, and have fun! I appreciate each and every one of you and we look forward to many, many more Yappy Hours and Beach Walks!

I also want to give a big Shout-Out to my pawsome Sponsors!!

Paw Patch Pastries

Thank you for all the pupcakes and muttballs you have baked for all my furriends. They were so delicious, even hoomans ate them!!


Thank you for donating your famous goodie bags for all my guests, and for providing your pawsome store-patio to host one of our events.

The Wag Hotel San Francisco

Thank you for providing your pawsome place to host my events when we couldn’t host them outdoors due to hot weather conditions. Not only you gave us the room to pawty but also organized for all the pups a “scavanger hunt” game, so fun!

Last but not least, I want to thank my Mom! For being crazy enough to dedicate her time and efforts in rehabilitating me, so that I can have a better quality of life. And life is so much better with furriends!

Love & Paws,


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