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Make your Dog the Hero in your Story

“Keep talking to people, have faith and watch for the windows of opportunities”. As the lady we had just met at the park said these words, Mom knew that it was the message she needed to hear.

The lady was walking her dog at the same park where Mom and I were that afternoon, and Mom noticed that almost every dog in the park approached her joyfully, wagging their tails in excitement upon seeing her. Impressively, she greeted each dog by their name. Mom and her made contact and started to chat.

The lady and her dog had a very calm energy about them and I felt very comfortable in their company. I let this lady pet me and I even got a sniff at her dog. Their conversation was mostly about dogs and life in San Francisco. There is no logical way for this lady to have known about the transitional overwhelm Mom and I are currently facing, but right there and out of the blue, in the midst of conversation about dogs and life, she said those words to my mom. And when we left, Mom felt a sense of peace and happiness in her heart. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time!

And that is exactly what happens when our hoomans ask for Universal guidance. It doesn’t really matter what you believe in, as long as you know there is something bigger out there waiting to help our hoomans only if they are willing to ask for and accept help.

Throughout this past year as I’ve listened to mom talk to other pawrents about their dogs’ issues, I’ve sadly come to realize that hoomans use their mind and words against themselves, jeopardizing what is in their best interest. The worst part is that they do this without even knowing.

Here are some of the most common phrases I hear pawrents say when they are in some way struggling with their dog’s behavior:

“I’m scared my dog will bite another dog.”

“My dog barks too much and is upsetting the neighbors. I’m scared they will report me and we’ll get evicted.”

“My dog has latched at other dogs and I’m scared my dog will attack another dog and be put down.”

“I want to have a family and I don’t want my dog to hurt my baby, but I don’t want to give my dog away either.”

“My dog doesn’t like men.”

“My dog was attacked by another dog in the past and now my dog hates other dogs.”

“I’m scared my small dog will get hurt by bigger dogs.”

“My dog is a rescue, it has too many issues and will never be like a normal dog.”

You might think these are just words, but these words are very powerful because it’s a reflection of the scary movie playing inside our hoomans’ minds.

And the more they keep telling themselves these stories, the more real they all become. If our hoomans understand that their thoughts create their reality, and consequently, also our reality, how about focusing in the direction they want to go instead?

Check out my previous blog post about “The Five Steps to a Smiling Habit”. This is a great way for your hoomans to start shifting their internal story into one that really matters.

Us dogs don’t dwell in the past and it’s time for our hoomans to catch up with us and start creating a new story where we play the “Hero” role. Now, that’s a much better story to tell, don’t you think?

Love & Paws,


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