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A Daily Dose of Greenie

Hey furriends, did you have your green juice today? For the past eleven years I’ve observed mom’s eating habits as they changed drastically. Interestingly enough, I also noticed that her mood shifted as she adopted more natural, healthy approaches to eating.

As a Peruvian, she was used to eating a lot of meat and seafood, and when she decided to become vegetarian almost ten years ago, her transition to a healthier diet wasn’t necessarily a healthy one. For instance, indulging in Doritos, cheese pizza and tons of pasta was pretty common for her back then.

Luckily, those days are over. Mom learned to cook healthy plant-based meals and to start her days with nutritious green smoothies. This change has enabled her to feel more energized and aided in starting her days in a positive way.

And so, mom started eating better and feeling better. But what about me??

As I transitioned into a senior chihuahua, I became pickier with food and my visits to the vet have increased in frequency. A lot of the food that worked for me as a puppy or adult dog, no longer worked. For example, some of my favorite training treats included pieces of ham and cheese. And then, a few months ago, I was told that those treats contain too much sodium, which is not very advisable for a senior dog. I’ve also had to transition to a softer diet as my gums and teeth are more sensitive now. No fun huh?

Just as I was starting to feel bummed out, mom did some research and excitedly discovered many alternatives that involved a more holistic approach for a healthy dog diet. One of my favorite new treats resulting from mom’s inquiry are freeze-dried raw nuggets. There are several brands but I prefer to buy those produced locally. Another yummy change I was just introduced to a week ago is a local fresh dog food delivery service. It’s ready to serve and is delivered right to my home, so mom doesn’t have to struggle with having to cook meat for me anymore and can stop using those funny gloves she wears every time she touches raw meat. What can you say, the woman’s vegetarian. :)

So, it seems that aging doesn’t look bad after all. I’m happily spoiled with a lot of options that help me keep my pawsome figure and health thriving.

Additionally, I’ve become quite the “Doga” expert. Every time mom says “Namaste” after her yoga sessions, I know it’s time for me to get my stretch on.

One thing my mom luckily has kept as part of my daily routine since I was a puppy is my Teenie Greenie before bedtime. The Greenies help keep my teeth clean and support my fresh breath so I can kiss mommy good night!

Well, there you have it my furriends! Hope my change of habits inspire you to thrive in your doggie lifestyle. Whether you are a puppy, adult or senior dog, ask your pawrents to look for holistic, fresh and healthy alternatives. Because when you eat right and move your body daily, your soul and fur shine!

Love & Paws,


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